Design Management

While at Silent Circle and Blackphone, I worked to ensure all marketing material and products met brand standards whether it was an internal announcement or client facing. I created visual material for branded communications, advertising and promotions, and public relations announcements for Silent Circles Suite of products. Ocassionally received market research data from external agency to help define our user-centered strategy. Frequently conducted and designed competitive analysis material for internal teams to use.

UX Design Strategy

Utilized rapid-paper prototyping to define solutions to critical and non-critcal application isses. Conceptualized prototypes into interactive mockups in Invision app, or static prototypes in Photoshop, illustrator or Omnigraffle. Communicate with developers on consumer needs for each application, designed wirefames for new feature or product requests. Worked with the director of marketing to brainstorm features that would give our applications a competitive advantage.

Digital Stategy

Maintained the Silent Circle and Blackphone websites. Worked with members of the product development, legal, and communications teams to assist with planning and development of integrated marketing campaigns, including referral marketing, display advertisements, and social media marketing, website landing pages, direct mail, radio, and live and online events. Assisted with the production of screen shots, demo-reels, and photos of Silent Circle products to communicate the applications features to potential subscribers


  • Quierra Wells is a very skilled designer, she has a knack of making great things out of nothing. When set to it, she get things done.

    Mandelson Fleurival - GMMB
  • Quierra is an exemplary colleague. She is collaborative, diplomatic, innovative, and detail oriented. In her position she works with every department and program at the school and has learned to prioritize competing projects while adhering to strict deadlines.

    Neluka Levey - Georgetown University